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*Si tienen tiempo pueden hacer los artículos o traducirlos del inglés al español los enlaces Rojos que ven ahí. Se les agradecería mucho.*

Últimos trabajos


Últimos videos traducidos

Les pasaré los enlaces, y si quieren, pueden suscribirse a los canales (se los recomiendo):

- Osho Bhagwan The Movie:  http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF5E265B38864EAF8 (Puedes ayudar a subtitularlo en otros idiomas que sepas aquí).

- Sexo, Amor y Compasión: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6FACA9F6609D771F
- El Manifiesto: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL50AC5E69729C84F1

- El Camino del Corazón: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8cOLsIhsWU

- 'Osho sobre los Derechos de Autor y las Marcas Registradas'

También soy colaborador en la traducción de los videos de la Osho International Foundation en www.oshotalks.info Si desean pueden sucribirse a su canal oficial, éste es: http://www.youtube.com/oshointernational (Ya hay muchos videos en español, aunque buena parte de ellos duran más de media hora y una hora, pero tales videos estarán disponibles cuando salga el sistema de alquiler de videos de YouTube para el país en el que estás).

Estos son los videos de Osho International que traduje en OshoTalks.info:

  1. OSHO: The Art of Being Human
  1. OSHO: My Whole Life is Full of Jokes
  1. OSHO Emotional Wellness (TV Promo)
  1. OSHO: Is the Conventional Family Out of Date?
  1. OSHO: Creativity is Almost Like Pregnancy
  1. OSHO: My Hands Are Empty
  1. OSHO TALKS: I Don't Speak to Teach Something
  1. OSHO: Is the World Running Fast Towards an End?
  1. OSHO: A Woman Is to Be Loved
  1. OSHO: The Burning Heart
  1. OSHO: Inner and Outer Ecology (Trailer)
  1. OSHO: Who Says Humanity Needs Saving
  1. OSHO: Existence Does Not Know Old Age
  1. OSHO: Where Nothing Is Right and Nothing Is Wrong
  1. OSHO: Transmission of a Trigger Point
  1. OSHO: Celebration and Serenity
  1. OSHO: Puzzles that Cannot Be Solved
  1. OSHO: What Is False in Me
  1. OSHO: The Yoga System
  1. OSHO: Existence Knows No Questions
  1. OSHO: Intrigued by Power
  1. OSHO Dynamic Meditation
  1. OSHO: Joined into One Existence
  1. OSHO: The Compulsion to Reach Power and Prestige
  1. OSHO: Rediscovering Your Joyful Self (Preview)
  1. OSHO: The Death Penalty
  1. OSHO: The Greatest Problem in the World
  1. OSHO: Jealousy Means Living in Comparison
  1. OSHO: Celebrating Death
  1. OSHO: I Dreamt I Had Become a Butterfly
  1. OSHO: Above the Middle
  1. OSHO: I Am Here to Destroy All Your Dreams
  1. OSHO: Creativity Is the Greatest Rebellion In Existence
  1. Lady Gaga -- OSHO -- Rebellion and Creativity
  1. OSHO: Existence Becomes Your Home
  1. OSHO: There Is No Intrinsic Necessity for Having a Belief
  1. OSHO: If You Love This Planet, Absolute Birth Control Is Needed
  1. OSHO: I Wonder If This Could Be Love?
  1. OSHO: The Art of Listening
  1. OSHO: Inner and Outer Ecology (Trailer)
  1. OSHO: This Universe Is Made of Silence
  1. OSHO: Don''t Ask Me What Is Bliss
  1. OSHO: Jump Out of Your Prison – Don''t Look Back!
  1. OSHO: What Is More Important (Preview)
  1. OSHO: The Fear of the Unknown (Preview)
  1. OSHO: Achieving Your Lost Childhood Again
  1. OSHO: I Dreamt I Had Become a Butterfly
  1. OSHO: Only this Earth Has Flowers
  1. OSHO: Rebellion and Reverence for Life
  1. OSHO TALKS: We Will Use All Available Media
  1. OSHO: My Only School Was that River
  1. OSHO: The Man of Consciousness Becomes an Emperor
  1. ONE WORLD (OSHO Meditation Minutes)
  1. OSHO: You Have Not Known Total Chaos – Just Wait...
  1. OSHO: Life is a Flux
  1. OSHO: The Joy of Silence
  1. OSHO: God Is a Puppeteer
  1. OSHO: Tears Are the Most Valuable Treasure
  1. OSHO: A Gnostic Is One Who Knows
  1. OSHO: I Say Unto You Never Choose
  1. OSHO: Baby, My Whole Work Is to Confuse You
  1. LOVE and ALONENESS (OSHO Meditation Minutes)
  1. OSHO: Something Which Never Dies
  1. OSHO: No Time for Meditation
  1. OSHO: I Respect Money (Preview)
  1. OSHO: Emotional Wellness - Almost Drunk With Emotion
  1. OSHO: There Is No Tomorrow
  1. DEATH (OSHO Meditation Minutes)
  1. OSHO: Does Society Have a Responsibility to Its Disadvantaged People
  1. OSHO: Living Your Life Without a Fixed Concept
  1. Heaven and Hell (OSHO Meditation Minutes)
  1. OSHO: My Way Of Life is Not Philosophy
  1. OSHO: There Are No Devils
  1. OSHO: How Can You Be Yourself if You Don't Know Yourself?
  1. OSHO: It Is Easier to Speak the Truth than to Write It
  1. OSHO: Mahatma Gandhi's Poverty Is Very Costly
  1. OSHO: Children Need Nourishment and Support but Not Your Help
  1. OSHO: Nobody Teaches You About Hate
  1. OSHO: About the Relationship Between Children and Parents
  1. OSHO: Let Sex Be a Playfulness
En cuanto pueda entraré de nuevo en Oshotalks para las traducciones que haga falta.

Los que sepan inglés y quieran saber más de él, también lo pueden hacer ayudando a traducir los videos que faltan traducir en Oshotalks.info.